• Block Keywords: Hibari blocks tweets you don't want to see based on keywords you choose. You can also block all retweets. Learn more »
  • Mute Users: No more stressing about whether to follow someone—in Hibari, you can temporarily mute any user if their tweets go overboard, saving you from having to unfollow. Learn more »
  • Inline Saved Search: Hibari interleaves your favorite search results into your home timeline so you never miss a thing. Your less important searches stay tucked away in the search timeline. Learn more »
  • Inline Images: Image links from Instagram, Twitpic, and other services are displayed as thumbnails in your timeline, saving you from visiting the webpage just to see what the image is about.
  • Tweet Lookup: Trying to remember what somebody tweeted? Use the search field in the toolbar to look up tweets and users in your timeline.
  • Inline Conversations: Explore threads of replies without leaving your timeline.

Also Featuring:

  • A minimalist design philosophy
  • Automatic URL shortening
  • Easily hide individual tweets with offensive text or images
  • Optional Growl and toolbar notifications
  • Automatic retry of failwhaled Twitter fetches
  • Inline display of mentions and direct messages
  • Retweet, mark as favorite, report as spam, and delete
  • Reply All functionality
  • Customizable global shortcut to show/hide Hibari
  • Public beta program


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Version 1.5.9 • For Mac OS X 10.6+

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